Since 1988 we have been active in the trading and manufacturing of chemical products, providing our customers with raw materials and auxiliary products for the production of:

  • Architectural paints (cement paints, plastics, watercolors, etc.)
  • Industrial paints (ripolins, quick-drying, anti-rust, etc.)
  • Specialized products (silicone water repellents, reinforcing cement resins, etc.)
  • Cement products (fluidizers, mass paints, ROOF COATINGS®, etc.)
  • Plastics (inorganic pigments for coloring PVC, master batch…)
  • Asphalts (inorganic compounds for coloring asphalt mass, emulsions…)
  • Feed additives

The company VELLIS CHEMICALS is an exclusive importer – distributor and representative of large houses abroad. It has the exclusive distribution of IROX® inorganic pigments in all the Balkan countries and Europe.