The company

Our history

The company M. VELLIS AND CO P.C. (with distinctive title “VELLIS CHEMICALS”), is the continuance of the firm “CHEMICAL TRADING LTD.” which was founded in 1988 in Thessaloniki, Greece.

Mr. Vellis Charalampos, a salesman for many years in the field of building materials and chemical raw materials, starts his own business based in Ionia Thessaloniki, Greece.

After a successful and continued growth, the company moved in 1998 to Neochorouda Thessaloniki in privately owned facilities of 1.200 m2. The company now has a large storage area for the immediate needs of the market. Also equipped with modern quality control equipment, specialized personnel for each sector from research, to testing, purchasing and storage of raw materials.

In 2004, while the company “VELLIS CHEMICALS” consolidates its presence throughout Greece, and it is renamed to “CH. VELLIS AND CO EE – VELLIS CHEMICALS”, its subsidiary “TEHNOHEM d.o.o.” in Skopje is established , and collaborations with dealers are being developed in almost all the Balkans , thus increasing its exports and, at the same time, the need for the highest quality products possible.

In 2013 Vellis Miltiadis is appointed company manager , and the company is renamed to “M.VELLIS AND CO P.C.” keeping the same distinctive title “VELLIS CHEMICALS”. Our company, despite the difficulties of the time, not only does not reduce its business activity but continues to be present in the field of chemical-building raw materials, with the same dedication to quality control of the products we distribute, by participating in exhibitions in Greece and abroad, with detailed research and introduction of new products, continuous monitoring of the market for all new developments as well as entry into other sectors of activity such as animal feed, fertilizers, chemical treatment of water etc.