Calcium Formate

Cement Cure Accelerator

Calcium Formate accelerates the early mechanical strength development and increases the final mechanical strength of all cement based mixtures.
Calcium Formate acts both on setting and hardening time by accelerating the formation of tricalcic alluminate and silicate. It also modifies the initial workability of the wet mixture
It is very successfully used in the formulation of tile adhesives to increase the final tensile adhesion strength and improve their workability and also used when there is a need to improve the final mechanical strength in mixtures containing setting time retarders or those with a very high water/cement ratio.
If used in wet mixtures it has to be previously dispersed in the dry state in the mixture of the binders.

1. Feedstuff additives.
2. Dyestuffs, pigments and optical brighteners
3. Leather tanning.
4. Manufacturing of glues and adhesives

SKU: 20-02-001

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