Coalescing agent


Use the product as a coalescing aid in Latex paint formulations.
This product lowers the minimum film formation temperature (MFFT).
The product softens the emulsion polymer particles, allowing them to fuse together to a proper film at lower temperatures than is otherwise possible.


 The level of addition is easily adapted to a wide range of emulsion polymers and paint applications.

  • Use more product with harder emulsion polymers to achieve the same MFFT as with softer ones
  • Use more product to achieve the lower MFFT needed in demanding outdoor applications

 Very low solubility in water

  • The product stays with the binder even when formulation is used on water absorbing surfaces
  • The product does not affect emulsion stability

 Excellent hydrolytic stability

  • Can be used in a wide variety of Latex emulsions, including those with high pH

 Very low freezing point

  • No special handling procedures needed in wintertime
SKU: 08-09-001

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