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Reflective acrylic insulation paint


REFLECT BLANC is a special elastomeric waterproof for roofs and exhibits high reflectiveness of the sun’s thermal radiation.

A perfect waterproof is achieved by a simple coating, even for rain waters which stagnate for a long time.

The film that is created is very flexible and has high weather resistance, while it decorates and reflects thermal radiation at the same time. Its property of high reflectiveness of UV radiation does not allow the surface and the substrate to be heated by the sun.

It can be used on plaster, bricks, concrete surfaces, plasterboards, wood or metal and it has great adhesion on the surfaces.

REFLECT BLANC can be diluted with water for better application up to 15%. Usually it needs two layers.

It is applied by roll or brush after the drying of the primer.

The second layer is applied after the first layer is dried.

SKU: 0801

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