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Wood, paper and textile adhesive

VePOL A150-42

VePOL A 150-42 is a plasticised polyvinyl acetate emulsion, which is designed for all types of adhesive manufacturing for paper, textile, wood, leather and construction applications.

VePOL A 150-42 has a translucent and medium soft film when it is dried and it does not cause any discolouration.

  • Enviromentally friently, no VOC’s, no polluting
  • Non- yellowing
  • Translucent and hard film

To ensure safe storage of this emulsion, containers should be well sealed to prevent the water evaporation and skin forming. The emulsion must be stored between 5-35oC for a maximum of 6 months and freezing must be avoided.

SKU: 05-20-005

Pot 50 kg / 125 – 175 kg drums

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