Pure Acrylic Dispersion

VePOL A 835

Acrylic based Copolymer used as paint binder

Vepol A 835 is a Pure Acrylic Copolymer emulsion with excellent pigment binding power and good stability to mechanical shear. It is dilutable with water in any ratio and its dried film is completely soft and supple. The formed film of this product is clear, resistant, and due to its high rubbing fastness it can be used for interior and exterior paints.

VePOL A 835 has very good compatibility with various kinds of Titanium dioxides, pigments and other paint additives, so that its pigment attraction is favorable. For achieving the suitable viscosity of paint, we can use thickeners like: derivatives of cellulose or other synthetic thickeners like acrylates.

SKU: 05-01-006

Standard packaging 125 – 175 kg drums or 1MT IBC tank.

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