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Titanium Dioxide R-2902

Rutile TiO2 2902 is a silicon / aluminum treated rutile titanium dioxide white pigment produced by the chloride process. It is designed to be a universal multipurpose grade of TiO2 combining excellent optical properties with good durability for both interior and exterior applications. It has high gloss, good opacifying power with high tint strength and good exterior weathering properties.

Rutile TiO2 2902 is recommended for all types of coatings: Architectural, industrial, maintenance coatings; solvent based or waterborne; interior or exterior.

Rutile TiO2 2902 is also recommended for use in building materials as well as in plastics (PVC, PE etc), for low abrasivity pigments for letterpress, gravure, polyamide and other inks, for ceramics, for the paper industry, and other applications.

SKU: 01-20-002

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